Monday, 4 February 2013

Creative Every Day (CED) wc 28 Jan

I had a comment from Isabelle on last week's summary post which made me smile, she asked, 'How do you find time to do all these things?'  If you look carefully at most of the entries, you'll see that several of them take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Even longer things can often take less than half an hour - such as a few rows of knitting or quickly editing a few photos.  Being creative and doing lots of things doesn't have to take a long time!  Often creativity can be 'discovered' in the things of everyday life and so you don't have to take time out of life to do them as they're already there.  See what you can find in your own activities this week...

Monday 28th:
* Put in a few lengths of thread on the rabbit piece (whilst watching some Father Brown dramas on the iPlayer!!)
* Finalised and posted last week's CED summary
* Enjoyed flicking through the first issue of 'Inspirations' (#76) that arrived in the post today
* Started the WIPW posting to save time later in the week

Tuesday 29th:
* Did some more on the rabbit piece
* Bought some size 18-22 tapestry needles and the buttons for the current baby knit
* Looked through the latest Argos catalogue for current bedding styles - not much change from last season
* Thought about some collage subjects and colours for the C&G Level 1 syllabus I want to do whilst on the bus to Leeds

Wednesday 30th:
* Bought fabrics and, joy of joys, another ball of the peach & white yarn from wonderful Samuel Taylor's in Leeds.  I got 3 pieces of silk including half a metre of habotai, 2 pieces of faux silk, some white cotton lawn, a bright pink cotton fat quarter and some lightweight interfacing.  These are mostly for some things I want to try and make to sell.  I also got a skein of peach DMC Light Effects thread to complete my pastels collection
* Had a brief 'book meeting' with the senior co-author of a textbook project I'm involved in.  She kindly suggested I should try selling and exhibiting my needlework!!  Bless her, she's no idea that my work is relatively commonplace and that only professionals who design their own stuff and show a high level of innovation (to say nothing of far more contemporary styling) get to have their own exhibitions.  Selling is another matter though, and I have several ideas...

Thursday 31st:
* Edited the rabbit photos for the now late WIPW post, and one for the language blog, and got the postings finalised and live.

Friday 1st:

Huh?? Why do we stop here?  Well, because I've decided not to post this weekly update in this format anymore.  I've proved to myself that I often do several creative things each day and so, whilst I'm remaining in the challenge and will be making more effort to get on with projects more quickly from now on, I won't post the day by day update.  I do plan to do a monthly update, although not in so much detail, on the 1st of each month alongside the goals progress report.  This will also help to reduce internet usage time, which then in turn increases productive time off-line.=)  I even got on with the feather last night...

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Rachel said...

As I understand it, the point of the challenge was first, to create the habit of creativity, and secondly, to make that explicit. I agree that once you have become aware of your own creative habits and processes, you don't need to be quite so explicit about recording them. I think you can count this challenge as a great success already!

Carol L McKenna said...

Happy creating ~ ^_^

Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

Isabelle said...

happy to made you smile ;-)
but even if a lot of the entries take few time, it is sometime difficult to find a moment to sit and do something (sorry, my english is not good and it is a bit difficult for me to say what I want). And doing all these little things need some will and some organization.

JudyC said...

恭喜妳!!! :-))))) judy