Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 Progress Report

So, how did I get on with working on my stitching goals last month?  Not quite as well as I'd hoped as I had wanted to finish both the rabbit and the peacock feather and neither are anything like complete yet.=(  Still, I did work on both and the sampler as well.


Finish any current WIPs

* 'Sunshine and Flowers' sampler  about 40% complete from 35% at the beginning of the month  That's OK as this is a big project and, whilst I would have like to have got further along with it, here are beginning and end of the month progress photos to compare:

* Stumpwork rabbit  about 45% complete Again, progressed from about 35% complete and here are the comparison pictures:

* Peacock feather  about 50% done only did one piece of thread on this, not worth photo recapping!!

The next section has been changed a little from the original.  I've added 2 more kits that didn't sell on e-bay sales (hardly surprising as the photos on the kits are AWFUL!), but that I think I'll do after all and changed the overall goal to 8 in the year instead of so many from this section and so many from that.  Less bitty and more room for choice this way.

New projects - aim to complete at least 8 of the following throughout the year

Kits in stock: 

* 'The Farewell' blackwork
* 'The Embroideress' blackwork
* Ribbon embroidery
* Coleshill stumpwork butterfly
* Anchor stumpwork face card
* DMC stumpwork butterfly
* DMC stumpwork dragonfly
* Pearsall's stumpwork poppy
* Liina tablemat
* Design Perfection Red Admiral
* Crown cross stitch (Sir's 14th anniv card??)
* Shoe cross stitch/craft card

Book/magazine projects:

* Tudor Lady cross stitch
* Medieval Lady cross stitch
* Helen M Stevens' butterflies piece (cushion for Lindleys)
* Goldwork insects from the Hazel Everett book

Own Ideas:

* Work from the C&G Level 1 Hand Embroidery syllabus
* " Goldwork syllabus (perhaps with insects as above)
* " Stumpwork syllabus
* TAST design challenges

I'm not starting any of these until at least one WIP is finished!

Sewing I also haven't done any of, but I did delete one project I thought it unlikely I'd get to.


* Trial some fancy purses
* Find a use for old bedding - even if I don't do it yet!!
* Camera Case
* Try some dolls house textiles
* Mending and altering


* Salmon pink baby jumper  59% complete  from only 5% complete on 1 Jan when I'd just done the back rib and a tiny bit of pattern.  I was delighted to find another ball of the yarn the other day, so I can get on with this one and have a finish that I'm proud of instead of just 'it's OK, I suppose!'
* Chunky jumper for me
* Learn cabling
I'm having some trouble with the other two as the chunky pattern I bought doesn't seem to be for chunky wool at all, but for super chunky, although the needles specified don't match for either weight of yarn.  A bit confusing and also disappointing as I had a specific chunky yarn in mind.  I don't feel experienced enough to adapt the pattern yet.  I haven't had the nerve to start in on the cabling book I borrowed from the library either!  I used to think knitting was such a simple thing...


* Be Creative Every Day (challenge page here)  31/365 so far so good!
* Join in 'Art Every Day Month' challenge in November - work the 8 techniques book

Goals for February

* Finish the rabbit
* Finish the feather
* Finish the peach baby knit
* Try some of the cabling pattern samples in the book
* Try some miniature bedding ideas now I've got some fabrics for them
* Get to '50% complete' level on sampler
* Make a start on one or two projects from the embroidery list - when first two on this list are done!
* Continue CED challenge
* Report back on 1 March and continue to post regularly in the meantime - 12 posts in January, which isn't half bad!

What have you done this last month??

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2013


Miss Lilly said...

Amazing work! The sampler is beautiful :)

JudyC said...

這一幅Hardanger Embroidery的尺寸真的不小,但它的設計以及針法都非常漂亮,相信是值得你多花點時間慢慢繡的...另外,謝謝你給我Long and Short stitch的解說及建議,我知道我還有很多的練習+練習需要進行.謝謝你! Hugs! :-))) judy

Rachel said...

You've got plenty stacked up to do there, but it does sound as though your changes will make the goals easier to keep track of..

l'alternativa said...

I tuoi lavori sono sempre meravigliosi, sei fantastica

Kim Caine said...

I Found You through Creative Every Day And want to Compliment You On The Beautiful Poppies At The Top Of Your page. They are some of my most favorite. Excellent progress on so many projects! Keep up the great work! Also, forgive the goofy type at the start of thIs post- My smart phone seems to have a mind of its own. Enjoy the day!