Thursday, 31 January 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - 30 Jan 2013

A belated Work In Progress Wednesday posting.  I was in Leeds over the last two days and, whilst I took my rabbit with me and even put 2 or 3 lengths of thread in on him (wow!), I didn't get back in time to take a photo in daylight, so I decided to leave it until today.  First though, the sampler:

Above, work done on Friday 25th

Below, work done on Saturday 26th

Now to the rabbit and the first photo shows the stitching creeping ever further towards the left hand side of the piece!

Whilst at my mum's and chatting with her, I filled in the bit I'd started the day before and, less noticeable on a photo, I also put in a fair number of stitches towards the left hand side - plugging tiny gaps, so to speak.

I reckon that, if I manage to do as much per day on, say, 4 or 5 days per week, I may even finish this piece one day soon!!  I had hoped to finish both this one and the feather this month, but bad health and lack of enthusiasm held me back somewhat.  Still, at least two of my three pieces are moving inexorably towards completion!!!

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Queeniepatch said...

I can see spring is here; the sampler is beginning to blossom and the rabbit is growing new fluffy fur.

JudyC said...

妳家的兔子已經漸漸成型了耶!好棒!這樣的針法確實不簡單,期待兔子的完成喔! 也請多保重!!! :-))) judy

Kat said...

Love your bunny. His fur looks so real.

Unknown said...

I Like the sampler. And admire your work with the rabbit, I never used that technique - stumpwork.
regards, Lía

margaret said...

had to chuckle as I thought you had taken your pet rabbit to Leeds for a couple of days!! He is coming along a treat and also the sampler.

Rachel said...

The rabbit is going well - clearly your mother provides good enough light to work by. Normally if I'm at all doubtful about the light, I take something counted or something large scale that doesn't have any modelling in it!