Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Needlequest - June 'Line' round-up and July 'Crockery and Tableware' intro

Not too many updates to share with you today.  It seems that only two of us joined in the 'line' challenge:

* I put in a whopping great 3 lengths/fronds on my feather piece, as well as filling in a few short satin stitches.  Not much, but it got my one and only UFO back to WIP status.  It's something....

* Pamela worked hard on a Japanese Kogin piece, on which you can see her latest update here.  Pamela definitely wins the productivity award for NQ June!!=)

And one update on catch-up:

* Dorte posted her beautiful blackwork results from the May challenge the other day.

So, onto the July theme: Crockery and Tableware.  What on earth can one do with that?  Well, as always, it's about what that theme says to you.  It could be a piece featuring some item of pottery in any stitched technique you like.  It could be a design of your own inspired by crocks or the pattern on them and, again, worked in any technique you like.  Check out one of Kathy Andrew's pieces inspired by the design on some Italian dishes.  (Kathy's is a terrific fine embroidery blog, by the way.  If you don't already follow it, do start!)

Of course 'tableware' could also be interpreted as table linen.  You might have a tablecloth in slow progress that you could work on.  Or maybe you might want to work on a napkin, a runner or a doily. Whatever the theme says to you is fine.  Remember, you don't have to complete it this month, you just have to put some time in on it in order to be considered as having completed that month's challenge.=)  Also, you don't actually have to even stitch something.  Even working up a design for possible later use could well qualify.

For me, I intend to do one of the samples set for the City & Guilds I course I did a little bit of back in 2008/9, which was to do a sketch of some pots and then interpret them in stitch using blackwork.  I plan to use some of our East Asian teapots and cups for that.  For the first fortnight, I'll concentrate on making some sketches and looking out some possible blackwork filling stitches.  Once the ring cushion is completed and, possibly, the Tudor Lady as well, then I can work up the actual stitched piece.

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Rachel said...

I'm intrigued by your planned project - looking forward to hearing more!