Monday, 14 July 2014

Needlequest Update - 14 July 2014

How are you getting along with this month's Needlequesst theme?  Here's the little work I've done so far (busy, as expected, on the Ring Cushion project).  The first photo is a black and white version of the Chinese tea crockery I decided to use.  The second photo shows it turned into a 'Charcoal and Chalk' sketch with Photoshop elements, which is useful in simplifying the tones in the pots as the red parts are the darkest.

This last shot is the quick charcoal sketch I made myself last night.  It isn't too bad for a very quick attempt, but far from accurate!!  I won't be really using this sketch to work from as such, but it did help me to appreciate the tonal differences in the pots, although you can't see them too well from my poor shading!!!

So, what about you?  How is your work coming along for this month?  Or any other Needlequest month.  Please leave any relevant links!=)

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Rachel said...

The charcoal sketch is a great idea - even if you don't think it was very good, it will have made you look harder at the scene and you will do a better job when you come to embroider it.

Pamela said...

This month's topic was a little more difficult than the last two to think of a project that would go with it. I decided to do a kitchen towel design of the dish pattern I had when we lived in the US - Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne. It is a much smaller project than the last two and I think I will be able to complete it in the month of July! Here's a link to where I am now -

I look forward to see how your project progresses!