Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - 9 July 2014

Hi!  It's Work in Progress Wednesday's update time again and I've been adding a few more details and trimmings on my Tudor Lady since last week.  As you can see above, the first job was the rich purple of the ornaments and the photo is at this angle to show the different textures and 'heights' so far.  The purple was to be stitched in the whole six strands of cotton!

The next photo shows the top half almost completed.  I just need to make a final decision on the bead colours for the shoulder trims and the sleeve ones.  I don't think I'm going to do those in gold after all and I have a blue shade in mind.  Having said that, I don't own a great number of blue beads, so I may use a white or cream shade instead.  I haven't actually got around to investigating the bead box just yet.=)

It's been a while since I posted a photo of the whole piece, (I think), so here's how the whole thing is looking just now.  Thanks to Mary Corbet's 'ad' yesterday afternoon, I have at least 60 new subscribers (on the four services I can keep track of numbers on, that is), so this may help to orientate new readers.  Welcome to each and all of you.  I hope you'll enjoy my blog for years to come.  Feel free to comment and introduce yourselves.

On the subject of e-mail subscriptions:  When you type your address into the box, then complete the CAPTCHA code, you're then sent an e-mail to verify your address.  According to my list stats, over 60 subscribers haven't yet done this and aren't considered subbed!  I don't know if you actually get the e-mails (I'm about to find out as I've subbed myself and not yet verified), but it would be a shame not to when you've expressed an interest.=)

Plans for the rest of the month are:
* Finish the wedding ring cushion.
* Finish this Tudor Lady piece.
When those two are complete, then:
* Do the blackwork pottery sample for the Needlequest.
* Complete, or at least substantially progress, the feather.
* Make up the Hanako scatter cushion (and do my trouser alterations) whilst I have the machine out for making up the ring cushion.

If all goes according to plan (oh look!  There goes another flying pig!!!), then this should be a productive month and see my decks completely cleared.  Now that would be something, wouldn't it?  Stay tuned and see if I achieve it all!

Text and images © Elizabeth Braun 2014


Zoe said...

Hello. I'm over from Mary's blog. Love this cross stitch piece. What kind of fabric is this? I've only used aida for cross stitching, but this looks different.

Anonymous said...

the lady shines brilliant. wonderful. good way to plan and work.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Your Lady Tudor is beautiful.

Annette-California said...

WOW every time I get to see your updates on Tudor Lady she gets more and more beautiful! Very lovely progress!
love Annette

Pamela said...

She is very beautiful. As blue is my favorite, I have many blue beads - too bad you can't raid my bead boxes!

zenuwpees said...

La dame avance bien bonne broderie Marie-Claire

Rachel said...

The oblique shot is a great demonstration of the different threads in use - it shows the dramatic use of the six strand thread particularly well.

Monica said...

60 new subscribers! I don't know how I missed you before, but I am glad to be here now. :)

I think I might panic if the decks were completely cleared...

Elaine said...

Looks good Elizabeth! Congratulations on your win :)

Queeniepatch said...

Beautiful texture!

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Elizabeth
The ring cushion is coming along nicely, I'm sure you will have it finished in time oh and I love the orange you have chosen.
Your Tudor lady is looking magnificent and I'm really looking forward to seeing it with the beads added.
I hope you soon stop feeling as though you are falling forwards and start to feel better.
Have a good week
Hugs Jackie

Renee said...

She looks fantastic! The ring cushion is simply beautiful. I do hope you feel better soon!