Monday, 1 September 2014

Needlequest - September theme - Autumn

As it turned out, there was only me working on the August technique of fabric colouring and, as most readers will know, I did some painting using proper fabric paints and also a little blusher on the raised work face!!  As I've published those very recently, I won't re-post here (I really haven't any time for blogs which keep on and on featuring the same shots....), and we'll move on instead.

'Autumn' is the theme for this month's Needlequest work.
A season is always a nice design theme as there are so many natural glories in each season to work with either as inspiration for creating our own designs, or in working someone else's.  

This blackberry and field mice design was fun to work and very English countryside in September - y.=)

So much colour is on display in nature this month with the leaves beginning to change colour on the trees, seasonal fruits becoming more readily available (and cheaper!) and much more!

I'm going to get going on this gorgeous Helen M Stevens' design showing Painted Lady butterflies near autumnal foliage and berries.  I need to get this one completed soon as it's to be a scatter cushion cover for a couple we probably won't get to see regularly for much longer!

I certainly want to finish before the view from the kitchen window is like this again: 


NB:  The Quest topics for the rest of the year have changed!  Please could particpants check out the Needlequest page to make sure they know what to expect and can see if and when they can join in.  I've changed two of the remaining three months' themes from design areas to techniques, as those seem more popular.=)

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Rachel said...

Yikes! being relatively coastal here, I've not seen icicles like that in this country!

That Helen M Stevens design is a real cracker, isn't it...

zenuwpees said...

J'adore les broderies elles sonts très belles bonne journée Marie-Claire