Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Not much work in progress this Wednesday!

Ooof, too busy for much stitching at the mo and I haven't done so much as one tiny 'x' on the Paradise Island since last Wednesday - haven't had time!  I did get the prepared fabric and the tracing for my September NQ piece out, but that's as far as any needlework has gone of late.  I've suddenly found myself mad busy!

A week or so ago, our iron went completely kaputt, so this lovely mountain of clothes etc has built up and there are more on the airer, to say nothing of the beds that need changing and ....

I've also got some Chinese classes starting on Saturday afternoon, so am thoroughly in the thick of lesson preparation!

Sir is taking a week or two off his PhD slog, but is devoting the early days of his 'holiday' to getting some jobs around the home done.  Yesterday he fixed a broken shelf in my room and sorted out an umbrella I thought was done for.  Right now, he's working on repairing the dead dining table!

So, plenty going on, but none of it stitching just now!

Hope to be back with you early next week with some 'Painted Ladies' progress.  Hope.

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Rachel said...

Flanders and Swan had it right, didn't they, when they sang of the Ballad of Unending Domestic Upheaval!
I do hope life returns to calm for you soon.