Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Paradise Island - Ever deepening waters....

An update on my pretty cross stitch picture today with work done over most of the last two weeks.

As you can see in this first photo, I completed the final leaf on this side of the piece first.
After that, I spent a couple of stitching sessions on the watery deep:

And then a couple more:

Here's the overall state of progress as it stands right now, excluding the tiny bit of land and sea that I chopped off with the camera at the top right-hand side.

It's coming along nicely, although it is a bit dull just alternating between two shades of blue and nothing else.  Having said that, it works up fairly quickly as it's less bitty than some of the other parts with lots of odd stitches in plenty of different shades all in close proximity.  I want to get through most of this big blue section, which will link up with the blue above, then move on to the trees in the top left hand quarter and work across the top as much as possible.  I plan on leaving the other flowers until quite a bit later on in the project as they're the other highlight and, if I do those now, I'll just be left with the duller parts to stitch and that leaves one at risk of UFOs....  Having said that, it's hard to consider such luscious, bright blues and greens in any way dull! =)

Have you ever worked a piece like this?  Which part did you like best?

Oh, a quick PS:  There are some stash sales going on this weekend.  Sew and So are offering 10% off again until close of play on Monday 25th May (enter STITCH10 at the checkout in order to qualify, and sign up for their newsletter to be kept in the loop about further offers and discounts), and Nordic Needle in the States are giving 20% of your entire order today and tomorrow (20th & 21st May) only.  Use coupon code 2DAY20 for that offer.  I doubt I'll be taking up these offers myself as I really have way too much stash already, (and £15-20 for shipping nullifies most of the savings from NN for me here in the UK), but I thought you'd all like to know.=)

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

You are definitely making progress! With something that is dull to work on, I generally like to listen to audio books, since it is hard to make a mistake.

Rachel said...

Your "watery deep" is looking very good indeed!

zenuwpees said...

Magnifisue avancé bravo bonne journée Marie-Claire