Saturday, 6 August 2016

Thread sale!

Hi everyone!  Just a very quick post to let you know that I've picked out 115 or so threads (and some beads etc) that I'm either not likely to ever use or have finished with for the foreseeable future and listed them on eBay.  I've only put UK postage/shipping so far but, if anyone outside of the UK sees anything they would like to bid on, please message me through the eBay system and let me know so that, as long as there are no bids on the item as yet, I can add international postage.

I'm not in the Global Shipping Programme anymore as that is a real pain for sending more than one thing - you can't merge them, they have to be done individually, which is profoundly wasteful. =(

Even more amazing than me clearing out 7% of my threads for sale (with another 200 or so under threat.....), is that I've halved my fabric stash.  I haven't listed that yet, but it will be coming very soon.  Keep an eye on the above link if you're interested in evenweave fabrics including linens, orientals and others.

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Rachel said...

My goodness! Although, that said - when they've all gone, will the volume of your stash have shrunk very much?