Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Photos Galore!

Lots of photos to share today! The first one is a card that my friend, Yang Liu, gave me the other day. I thought it was absolutely delightful. Here it is:

Next up is the stitching complete on the L*K piece. As anyone whose familiar with the original pattern will know, I've changed it a bit. As it will eventually be framed and hang outside our flat, I just put 'Welcome' on and centralised it rather than the whole 'Welcome all Seasons' bit. I changed a few colours too. For the lettering I just used GAST's 'Fragrant Cloves' as that had a lot of colour variation in it and I thought orange would be a nice change and stand out from the rest of the piece. I also made the strawberries dark red, (used GAST 'Buckeye Scarlet' in the end as the KK thread was really too bright for the whole tone of this piece), and the yellow flower 'Daffodil' instead of the duller shade prescribed. Anyway, we're pleased with the finished result and look forward to having a bit of cash to spare for framing! Here it is un-framed for the time being:

Last is the new WIP, another hardanger cushion/pillow cover. This one is a bit 'bittier' than the last one as the satin stitch blocks are a fair way apart and so there's a lot of stopping and starting. A few colour changes again in that the pink the designer used is being done in Anchor Multi-colour Blue Hawaii, one of my favourites and the bead work won't be yellow/gold, but will be that nice iridescent lilacy shade you can just make out in this photo:

Updates soon....


Cathy said...

Congratulations on your finish! The last Hardanger cushion that you completed was beautiful - I'm anxious to see this one when finished.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I now visit your daily too!

Jersey Mom said...

Beautiful work Elisabeth. The Lizzie Kate with the changes came out wonderful too....can't wait to see your next pillow, keep it up!

My Life In Stitches said...

Love the L*K Welcome. The changes you made are wonderful.
Happy Stitching,