Tuesday, 18 April 2006

The Wedding!

Managed to get the 'wedding' bellpull done in time, (finished putting it on the hanger in the car on the way to the ceremony!!!), and ,<-here it is.

And this is me with the happy couple receiving their new gift. Just wish I'd got my glasses off fast enough - vanity!

Here's me having the long awaited 'Victory Dance' with my friend, Caleb. About 18 months ago in one of his e-mails he told me he'd been to an Irish barn dance the night before. I replied that, if I ever got better, (I had ME/CFS for 3-4 years), I would dance a set with him and here we jolly well are! One of my other friends told me she didn't expect to see me the next day as she thought I'd be wrecked for ages. Well, this time last year, I would have been virtually crippled for a week or more after just one dance, but after 4 barn dance sets, plus some other stuff, I was perfectly OK. No pay-back fatigue or malaise whatsoever. Yippee!=) So, if you have ME, CFS or FMS and are considering trying Mickel or Reverse Therapy, let me encourage you: Ignore the popular skepticism and misinformation and give it a try. It's hard going, but IT WORKS!


Isabelle said...

What a gorgeous bellpull, and what a great story! Elisabeth, you rock! :D

I love those traditional dances by the way :)

Lili said...

Your bellpull is such a lovely finish! Inside the car! How stressful!!! You look very cute with your glasses! I wear some too, and treat them as jewels for my face: I like to change them, and feel naked without them...
This CFS looks a difficult thing to live. I am happy that you have finally recovered!
Take care!

Judith said...

Gorgeous finish, I believe I have something like thi also in my stash.

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful Elisabeth!
The finish is awesome, thanks for posting all the pics!

Little Miss Bristol said...

Hi Elisabeth

congratulations on being able to dance and not feel dreadful the next day. Onwards and Upwards girl!

Miss B

Barbara said...

What an inspiration you are! And your wedding bellpull is lovely!

(I don't like my glasses either, but I hope you know you ARE pretty!)

Mylene said...

Congrats on the finish, Elisabeth, It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Both looks great even with the glasses...and so happy. I have glasses too much as i hate it....but i need it.

Katrina said...

what a wonderful wedding gfit, and stitched so beaufifully too. Your friends must have been thrilled with it :)

Von said...

Elisabeth, what a beautiful gift for your friends! I'm sure it'll be on display for years and years.
I understand about the glasses. When I was younger I wore contacts. Now I'm not so young and don't care quite so much, lol! But you are a very pretty young woman, don't you dare think otherwise!
I'm very happy that you have overcome CFS and were able to dance with your friend. Some of those dances are very strenuous!

Anonymous said...

hi! its jordan here...so glad u were abl 2 dance on sat, and me bein one of the priveledged! lol...glad that your not crippled, and that youv made a fast recovery, love, Jordan

Jane said...

Hi Elisabeth lovely wedding gift and great news on the dancing, I will be doing the same at the wedding! Love Jane

Emma said...

Hey Elisabeth

Didn't know you used the old Hypertext Markup Language? Very technical - v. impressed.

Yes wedding was very nice and the hat was v. cool (but lethal) with all the needles and sissors hanging from it! :o)

I think everyone enjoyed it.

I thought that there were going to be some photos of the wedding on the webshots page?


Anonymous said...

This picture summs the evening up! :D it was great fun. your stitching is really good! i remember trying to do this when i was little, i was really bad at it!! :P
hopefully see you soon!
Love Beth xx

Shell said...

the bell pull look great finished,a very special gift for the Happy Couple.

Louise said...

The bellpull is beautiful and I'm sure the happy couple will treasure it. It's great that you've recovered from ME/CFS and that you could join in the fun instead of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else, and not only that but you remained well the next day. For anyone reading this, I understand how this illness effected Elisabeth and how wonderful it feels when you're well again. That's because I also recovered from ME/CFS with Mickel Therapy.

Lelia said...

Your bellpull is beautiful! Such a special gift : ) Isn't it fun to share your talent?

I loved reading your story. Caleb looks like a charming guy. Nice to hear of your dancing & celebrating life.

Enjoy the day