Sunday, 23 December 2007

Second element completed

Here's the doorplate. Both it and the Uni logo will be 'cropped' down to the outlining by folding back and glueing or stitching the surplus fabric to the rear of the motif. Both are backed with Vilene (isn't that a horrid name??).

In case anyone's wondering what this nameplate says, it's DH's sense of humour. He thought that the chap who this card is for's name sounded like 'octagon', so he translated the whole thing into German, including titles and it came out as Herr Doktor Achteck - (Mr) Dr Octagon. I daresay he will see the funny side of it, thankfully it's hardly insulting and not the kind of thing that any sane person could take offence at!!! DH was once called 'Mr Coffee-Coloured' (brown) as a direct translation of his name into Taiwanese Mandarin!!=)

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