Friday, 8 February 2008

The Friday Photo Shoot!!

No real stitching progress, but that's becoming rather a regular problem at the mo....=( I have, at least, bought the latest Classic Stitches. Love the look of the cover project, which I may just adapt to a more overt heart shape for a forthcoming silver wedding.

Had a play with my cheap pastels the other day and, in addition to the mark making and colour testing mess I made, I did this apple. Nothing special, but at least painting fruit and veg you stand a good chance of the finished piece at least looking like what it was meant to be!!!

I also got yet another set of Derwent pencils on E-bay. I've worked out that, had I payed High Street prices for the 4 tins of things I've got over the last month or so, it would have costs verging on £110, but I paid just under £45 including all the postage costs! So, I'm quite pleased with my 41% bargain there!! These are basically tinted graphite (the stuff in regular pencils), which are also watersoluble. When you do add water, most of the colours become more vibrant. So, they're very much like the Inktense range - both a fancy type of watercolour pencil, just different intensities really. Wonder if I'll ever really put them to good use??? Well, let's see, huh?


Elisabeth Braun said...

I just bought my granddaughter some of the Prisma watercolor pencils and she's loving them! You're soooo going to enjoy these.

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Mylene said...

That's a very good start with the painting.

Have a nice week.

Chiasmata said...

Nice shopping with the pencils! Derwents were such a status simbol at my primary school. If your parents wouldn't buy you the 102 set they couldn't truly love you. :P