Friday, 13 November 2009

A little more on the stumpwork piece

But not much! I made a start on the larger flowers which are worked in padded satin stitch. The padding is really quick to work as it doesn't have to be so flat and even, or even fit into the shape and cover the awful, thick pattern lines so well. The lines on this thing are, as is usual with many kits, far too thick! It doesn't matter so much with large blocks to be worked, but when it's a line to be covered with thin backstitch or stemstitch, it's really bad! I expect many of us embroiderers have had the same problem at some time. Anyway, the point of this photo is to show how the padding is done with this stitch.

Not done enough on the XS to warrant another photo, but school breaks up for nearly 2 weeks next Friday, so I hope to get some art, stitching and tourism in!!

Thanks everyone for keeping on visiting here.=) I've noticed a couple of the blogs I used to visit have gone 'private' of late, namely 'Stitchologist' whose animal cross stitches I rather enjoyed, and Pierrette's 'Love to Stitch 99'. I wondered why Pierrette hadn't been stitching, and now I know she probably has, I just haven't been added as an invited reader - or the invitiation got lost in the e-mail address change. So, if you ladies are tuned in, get in touch via Blogger if you don't mind my reading your blog so I can get access.=)


Kelly Fletcher said...

Hi Elizabeth. I'm kind of working it all out as I go along. But get in touch when you're ready to get going and I can share what I've learnt so far. Good luck! Kelly

Doris said...

is a beautiful embroidery, and I agree with you, in many kits guide lines are too thick to do backstitch over them, or similar item.
I'm glad you do tourism!,have a very good week!.

Wanda said...

Your progress is beautiful...perfect and precise.

Mylene said...

Hello from a cold, rainy and very windy island. Really the opposite where you are now. Hope you both are doing well over there.

Your Stumpwork piece is looking lovely!!