Monday, 23 November 2009

Flatwork complete on stumpwork piece

Sometimes I hate Blogger! I just typed up this whole post, then highlighted it to change the colour - then it kindly deleted the whole thing. NEVER try to highlight the whole passage using Crtl+Shft+Home/End to change the colour. This has happened to me just tooooo often now and, of course, this time, it autosaved just after the deletion, so I've had to start again. Grrrrrr!!


As you can see from this photo I've just taken, I'm making some really discernible progress on the DMC stumpwork bee design. Whilst watching a DVD another British friend who lives here now lent us, I got all the padded satin stitch done, plus the flower centres and have only the bee itself to do - the real raised part. I plan to have all my WIPs completed before we go back to classes on 2 December (a week on Wednesday), so you should soon be able to see, not only this piece finished, but also the L*K Spring cross stitch, the hardanger finished up into the cushion/pillow proper and, all being well, my camera bag should get made up too. I also have a dress to finish altering, although the weather is hardly fit for a sleeveless dress right now. It's unseasonably cold at the mo and has been for most of the time since late September. I am so SICK of rain!

I've been stash building again and got these 10 DMC linen threads from the shop I posted the photo of a few weeks ago. They're the only place so far that I've found who do anything more than just plain DMC stranded cotton. I use Anchor and have brought them all with me anyway, so no use to me just now! I'll keep on looking though and it feels good to be hoarding again!!! Going to a special fabric market tomorrow (where I got these last spring), so will have some gorgeous stuff to showcase, no doubt!

Right, now DON'T get deleted again, PLEASE!!? (It didn't - I used the mouse buttons instead....)

PS: Thanks to Susan for the tips on how to get decent sized photos!


Mylene said...

Hallo...kumusta ka! Hope weather is getting better at your area. Just called home and mother said they have another typhoon going in there area. after the other this year, they are fine where my family lives but from the news lately on other areas, it is sooo sad to see the damages.

Your stumpwork is coming along beautifully!
Sorry to hear about blogger though, it happens a few times to me too i am so afraid to change my template anymore.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Looks lovely, looking forward to seeing your bee.

Wanda said...

The "stash" thread is really beautiful! I've still not found a store that has any thing "neat". Your stumpwork is so cheerful, bright and bold. For some reason your statement that it is unseasonably cold there threw me for a loop...we're unseasonably warm here! I just figured, in my sometimes closed mind, that everyone was! Hope you are staying warm.